Platform Product Roadmap

ActiveState Product Roadmap

Now i

We’re currently working on it. Delivery in the near term.

Perl Dependency File Support


Perl users can easily add their projects to the platform by using a cpanfile or meta.json upload via UI or state tool.

Change Management: Merge Forks


If your project is forked from a master project, like a Community Edition build, you can choose to update your fork to the latest or take only some of the changes.

Modernized ActivePerl 5.32

A completely new style of Perl distribution on the latest Perl consisting of bundles of packages by interest area such as web frameworks, databases, graphics etc. You can mix and add the ones you need.

(Experimental) Project Source Code API

Pull down language and package source via our APIs for your project. Experimental in the sense that APIs or functionality may change in the final version.

Perl Build Logs By Package

See the build log details of each package or module in your build. Amazing for diagnosing build issues.

New Solver - SPOCk!

SPOCk is our new solver, which will automatically resolve dependencies for you. It figures out everything your runtime requires. Where it can’t, SPOCk’s error messages are far clearer than its predecessor, simplifying dependency conflict resolution.

Later i

Future features and long term vision items.

License Reporting

Get all the licenses in your project in SPDX format.

Policy Management

Set policies at the organization level to ensure you get only the packages with the limitations you set for licenses, CVEs or indemnification status.

Speculative Builds

Your projects will be built with the latest updates automatically and ready for you to grab, if and when you want to use them.

Python Wheel Support

Python packages can be consumed in wheel format via our APIs.

Build Graph

GraphQL APIs to provide direct access to adding languages/packages to our system. Utilize our advanced solver to get all the transitive dependencies in a build.

Ruby Beta

The Ruby language is available for building and installable using the State Tool.

Multi-Language Builds

Grab all the source code for the language and modules you're using straight from our APIs.